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Current mood: Chill
Current music: Whatever is on Glee episode 3
Currently doing: Watching Glee and keeping a look out on spoilers (and of course blogging)

I wouldn't say that it was an entirely productive or wasted day. I prepared (sort of) for my class tomorrow and even did my tutorial. Earlier, I even tried to teach my older sister some Japanese, but she just went a little nuts and starting speaking in Thai and Malay instead. It was fun though.

Tomorrow, I'm going for this Career Fair which is held by our college. My plan's just to scout the job market, not actually look for one. My mother, however, is slightly getting on my nerves with her (almost) daily inquiry about when I'm getting a job and what kind of job I'm getting. -_- Well, I'm seriously gonna go crazy if she keeps this up, not to mention, I'm pretty sure my relatives will be asking the same question when I see them during CNY.

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